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TCK·W® Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd is a High–Tech Company in researching, manufacturing, spreading and serving non-destructive inspection instruments for ferromagnetic materials. We have the most advanced “weak magnetic” core technology and all the intellectual property of this independently-developed high-tech innovation.

TCK·W® Wire Rope non-destructive and quantitative inspection system is a successful application of the weak magnetic inspection technology in the area of strip ferromagnetic materials. Since we have discovered and mastered the change and movement rules of the space magnetic field vector around the wire rope, and have achieved three innovations in setting new principles of the Vectorial Resultant of the Spatial Magnetic Field, finding the new method of weak magnetic inspection, and inventing a highly sensitive sensor, we have successfully solved two difficult problems which have puzzled the entire world for over a century in quantitative detection of the rope flaws and fatigue.

At present, TCK·W® has developed a series of products, including TCK·W®portable inspection models, TCK·W® wired/wireless On-line Automatic Inspection System, TCK·W®Wire Rope Non-destructive Flaw Detector for Elevator, and TCK·W® Steel-cord Conveyor Belt On-line Inspection System, to meet the demands of different customers in mining, harbor, ropeway, petroleum, electric power, hoisting, elevator, cable stayed bridge, and other wire rope related area.

TCK•W-The most customer value ability and outstanding enterprises

●  TCK•W invent the leading edge weak magnetic inspection technology.

●  TCK•W Weak Magnetic Technology was listed in 2007 State Torch Project and 2008 China Production Safety Technology Research Project.

●  TCK•W is the only high-tech enterprise qualified as post-doctoral workstation in wire rope inspection field.The China standard MT/T970-2006 “On-line Nondestructive Quantitative Inspection Method and Determination Rule for Wire Rope/Cable” in coal mine field is based on TCK•W weak magnetic inspection technology.

●  TCK•W has passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate, Certificate of Type Approval of China Classification Society and National Mining Machinery Certificate.

●  TCK•W has passed Safety certificate of approval for mining products and Explosion-proof Certificate.

●  TCK•W has passed USA FCC certificate, EU CE certificate and Canadian IC certificate.

●   TCK•W inspection products have captured over 80% Chinese market share and have more than 1500 important clients in the world; some famous companies, like OTIS, ABB, SIEMAG, POSCO, FOERSTER have become TCK•W stable customers.

●  TCK•W has solved the worldwide difficult problem in the wire rope inspection field, and won the “Labor Medal” issued by local government.

●  After 5-year development, the enterprise value of TCK•Whas grew 200 times and also becomes the No. 1 brand in wire rope and steel cord conveyor belt inspection field of the world.

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