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System Introduction

System introduction: As a high risk component of hoisting, lifting and conveying equipments, wire rope is regarded as the“lifeline”in the Iron and steel metallurgy industry. However, the safety of in-service wire ropes has always been the “blind spot”or“source of danger”in equipment management, because of the lack of reliable testing instrumentation. How to detect the deterioration of in-service wire ropes and ensure their safety is an urgent demand for wire rope users.

Invention of TCK•W® Wire Rope Online Real-time Automatic Inspection System has fundamentally changed the backward situation of wire rope inspection management. The delectability of the TCK•W® on-line system is much higher for Localized Flaws (LF) and its precision is much accurate for the Loss of Metallic Cross-Sectional Area (LMA) and rope diameter reduction. It has solved the three problems of wire rope application in the iron and steel metallurgical industry –“hidden dangers, waste and low efficiency” and helped wire rope users achieve “safety, economy and efficiency.”It has been recognized as the most advanced wire rope NDT inspection system in the world.

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