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Cableway  Wire Rope  Online Real-time Safety Monitoring System

Inspection locale of Passenger Cableway Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System

Inspection locale of Freight Cableway Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System

System Introduction

As a high-risk and key component of cableway equipment, wire rope is regarded as the “lifeline” for the cableway transportation. However, for a long time the rope failure accidents always lurk during the operation of wire ropes due to the lack of scientific and reliable inspection instrumentation. Management departments mostly adopt the methods of visual inspection and periodic replacement of wire ropes to ensure the safety of in-service wire ropes .

However Visual inspection only detects external flaws, but cannot detect “major hidden dangers” such as internal broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and so on. Periodic replacement of wire ropes results in huge waste which cannot radically prevent wire rope failure accidents.

Traditional wire rope inspection technology cannot accurately detect the flaws of wire ropes due to its various limitations such as low sensitivity, low repetition rate, influence by speed, “zero drift” and big weight. Therefore the safety of in-service wire ropes has always been the “blind spot” in cableway safety management.

TCK•W® Weak magnetism inspection technology successfully solves the difficult problems in the safety inspection of cableway wire rope and provides cableway management departments with reliable method to monitor the safety status of wire ropes, avoid rope failure accidents, scientifically reduce the cost of wire rope replacement and enhance the service efficiency of wire ropes.

① TCK•W® Modular Inspection Device

-Real-time monitoring wire rope safety status while wire rope is running at high speed;

-The operation of wire rope is always at a safe and controlled monitoring status;

-Weak Magnetic Sensor with high sensitivity, high stability characteristic, not influenced by the operation speed;

-Wide-spacing and non-contact inspection to ensure safety operation of the inspection device;

-On-line positioning installation and automatic operation;

-Suitable for all-weather indoor and outdoor working environments, with rain-proof, shock-proof, and oil-proof design。

② TCK•W® Intelligent data collection & conversion workstation

-Intelligent multi-channel two-way automatic information communication mode;

-Modular multi-function unit combination, easy for updating;

-Shield-type information receiving & conversion and anti-interference design。

③TCK•W® Photoelectrical Distance/Speed Measuring Device

-Adopt high-precision photoelectrical encoder and light aluminum frame;

-Anti-loosening mechanical structure, self-clamp-floating cantilever support, and friction wheel with multi-channel anti-slip rings;

-Integrate anti-shake, pulse shaping, and equal accuracy tachometer…etc industrial design with features of stable signal and light accuracy meter/speed measuring.

④ TCK•W® Self-controlled Sound And Light Alarm System

-Real-time and graded alarming responses, with “yellow light” for early flaw warning and “red light” for over-limit flaw warning.

-With over-limit flaws, the “red light” will be on and pre-programmed .safety measures will be acted simultaneously.

-High-power on-site sound and light displaying device。

SMS safety report function device

-Based on the real-time monitoring results and historical statistics, the alarm information will be showed and locked in terminal interface. The corresponding alarm information can be remotely sent to manager's mobile phone by SMS according to the system pre-setting.

⑤TCK•W® Multi-channel Terminal Workstation

-Multi-channel step-by-step calling, synchronous and high speed data receiving & sending operation mode, optional configuration for wire/wireless communication.

-Dedicated command and control software, manual/auto switch operation mode.

-Tsimple man-machine interactive mode.

-Compatible with the LAN or public network for information sharing.

-Real-time testing data collecting, analyzing and processing, with file-type data management system.

-Support testing data retrieving and test report printing whenever needed.

Technical Performance Parameters

System Default Parameters

1、Sensor Working Sensitivity:≥1.5V/mT

2、Maximum Sampling Frequency Response:Time Domain 8000 times/s, Space Domain 2048 times/m

3、System Working Voltage:

Nonexplosion-proof Environment: AC220V±10%;

Explosion-proof Environment: AC127V±10%

4、 System Rated Power Capability:<350W

System Performance Parameters

5、 Flaw Positioning Accuracy Rate: >98%

6、Uncertainty Rate of Flaw Equivalent(P): ±1%

7、Wire Rope Vibration Range Limit: 10~25mm


Over Limit Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area over 10%)

Server Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 8% to 10%)

Serious Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 6% to 8%)

Medium Flaw Detecting Accuracy: >98% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 4% to 6%, still within safety range)

Minor Flaw Detecting Accuracy: > 90% (Does not effect safety, Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 2% to 4%)

Slight Flaw Detecting Accuracy:> 75% (Value less than 2%, could be disproption of wire rope, internal welding spot, and padding metals)

System Applicability Parameters:

9、Inspection Range of Rope Diameter: φ26~80mm

10、Rope Speed for Inspection:0~20 m/s

11、Distance for Signal Transferring:

Data Transfering Cable Length:50m (with relay station,it extends to 1km);Allowed Length of Optical Fiber Cable : 40km

12、Required Space for Device Installation : <φ175mm x1200mm

13、Sensor Working Environmental Temperature: -20℃~55℃

14、 Ingress Protection: IP67

15、The identification of different flaw degrees should follow the standards and requirements in different countries and different industries.

Inspection Reports

Wire Rope Splice Flaw Curve

Wire Rope Flaw Curve

Flaw Grading Table

Flaw Sequence Table

Inspection Report

Wire Rope Current Status Weak Magnetic Scan Image

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